Mastering your author website in 5 steps by Michelle Teichman

Every author needs a website. Once the design is in place, your work begins. 5 focal points to creating a user-friendly and engaging website: Navigation Content Clutter Voice Keeping it current Navigation The key to easy navigation is starting with an intuitive sitemap. Simply put, think like a user. Your site should be simple and... Continue Reading →

Five Social Media Marketing Tips

Written by Michelle L. Teichman, Dirt Road Books’ marketing guru Over the next couple of months, Dirt Road Books will be releasing a series of marketing tips, starting with social media. Social media has exploded the way we used to think about traditional marketing. Although these tips are written with an author in mind, they... Continue Reading →

Five Mistakes New Authors Make

The first time you send in a manuscript can be scary. With all the apprehension, excitement, dread, and anticipation you go through, it can be hard to stop, focus, and ask yourself, “what shouldn’t I do?” instead of “what haven’t I done?” While larger, international publishers will generally only accept solicited manuscripts—work sent to them... Continue Reading →

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