Pride Month by Blythe Rippon

Pride Month has just ended, and it makes me wonder, what does that mean to all of you? To some LGBTQ people, Pride is filled with love and joy. It’s a chance to celebrate our community and ourselves. To others, Pride feels like a painful reminder of a bad breakup or an unsupportive family. To... Continue Reading →

Editing as Community Engagement by Blythe Rippon

Chances are if you’re reading this, you love books. This is, after all, a blog post for a publishing company. What is it about a book that makes it one of your favorites? And conversely, what makes you put a book down before you’re 20 pages in? To a certain extent, these answers come down... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons to Write Lesbian Fiction

Reading lesbian fiction has brought so much joy to my life that one day I decided to try to give back and write some myself. That decision started a long journey that was more complex than I’d imagined—creating a book requires not just patience with the writing process, but excellent collaborators and editors. The process... Continue Reading →

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