Animal Rescue on a Small Island by Gill McKnight

Being a part of any community means knowing what kind of contribution you’d like to make and then taking steps to make that contribution. That is universally true, regardless of the community. With lesbian fiction, there are readers, reviewers, book sellers, libraries, authors, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, publishers, and many many more contributing to the... Continue Reading →

Five Social Media Marketing Tips

Written by Michelle L. Teichman, Dirt Road Books’ marketing guru Over the next couple of months, Dirt Road Books will be releasing a series of marketing tips, starting with social media. Social media has exploded the way we used to think about traditional marketing. Although these tips are written with an author in mind, they... Continue Reading →

Five Mistakes New Authors Make

The first time you send in a manuscript can be scary. With all the apprehension, excitement, dread, and anticipation you go through, it can be hard to stop, focus, and ask yourself, “what shouldn’t I do?” instead of “what haven’t I done?” While larger, international publishers will generally only accept solicited manuscripts—work sent to them... Continue Reading →

Dirt Roads and Lesbian Fiction

For some, the connection between dirt roads and lesbian fiction isn't obvious. For us, it's immediate and completely natural. Dirt roads mean home. They mean sunset followed by sunrise. They mean International Harvesters and driving slow. They mean swinging on a rope and swimming in a lake. They mean a front porch and a rocking... Continue Reading →

Five Reasons to Write Lesbian Fiction

Reading lesbian fiction has brought so much joy to my life that one day I decided to try to give back and write some myself. That decision started a long journey that was more complex than I’d imagined—creating a book requires not just patience with the writing process, but excellent collaborators and editors. The process... Continue Reading →

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