KD Williamson’s blog tour stops here!

Thanks for hanging with us for KD's blog tour. If you missed a stop, you can still check out all the fun. The links to the rest of the tour is below. The blurb Maya Davis is done hiding. It’s left her empty and out of touch with her family. Now she’s a young woman... Continue Reading →

KD Williamson blog tour begins NOW!

The fabulous KD Williamson has a new release called Big Girl Pill and she's excited to share some fabulous bits and pieces of it with you during this virtual tour. This inaugural stop on the tour serves as a simple introduction to KD and Big Girl Pill. Below you'll find the schedule for the rest of... Continue Reading →

Fianna the Gold by Louisa Kelley

Hi everyone! We've officially made it to the last stop on the Fianna the Gold by Louisa Kelley blog tour. Thanks for sticking with us! The schedule for the other stops is listed below in case you missed a day. Also, don't forget to enter the drawing. The winners will be selected today, so this is... Continue Reading →

Enchanted Oregon by Louisa Kelley

Today starts the blog tour celebrating the release of Fianna the Gold by Louisa Kelley. Check out the schedule! You can follow along every stop. 9/16 Dirt Road Books / Louisa Kelley 9/17 KD Williamson 9/18 RG Emanuelle 9/19 Clifford Mae Henderson 9/20 TB Markinson   9/23 Annette Mori 9/24 Andi Marquette 9/25 Women and... Continue Reading →

Join DRB for NaNoWriMo!

The NaNoWriMo challenge Can you write a novel in one month? Every November, authors all over the world come together, both physically and virtually, to meet one challenge: write a novel (defined as 50,000 words in this situation) in 30 days. On November 1, the challenge starts anew for 2017, and three of our authors... Continue Reading →

Pride Month by Blythe Rippon

Pride Month has just ended, and it makes me wonder, what does that mean to all of you? To some LGBTQ people, Pride is filled with love and joy. It’s a chance to celebrate our community and ourselves. To others, Pride feels like a painful reminder of a bad breakup or an unsupportive family. To... Continue Reading →

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